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For more than three decades, ExcelVite has been a pioneer in unlocking the secrets of nature’s finest ingredients for human health. From the lush palm groves of Malaysia, we’ve harnessed the potential of bioenhanced tocotrienols, nature’s most potent form of vitamin E, with potent antioxidant and health benefits. This breakthrough empowered individuals to unlock their natural potential, supporting everything from brain function and heart health to overall well-being.

Today, our passion for natural wellness extends beyond the human realm. Inspired by the same dedication that has improved human lives, we embark on a new chapter with EVFurryAid, a revolutionary atopic dermatitis management supplement for pets.

Drawing upon our deep knowledge of natural ingredients and unwavering commitment to scientific validation, EVFurryAid brings comfort and relief to pets struggling with itchy skin symptoms. With EVFurryAid, we’re not just entering a new market; we’re building on our legacy of caring, extending well-being to every member of the family.

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EVFurryAid offers opportunities for formulators and pet food manufacturers to tap into product differentiation in the market.
With the objective to address pet owner's concerns over skin and coat issues of their companion.

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